Skills to create meaningful client relationships and establish the right to provide solutions.

Ever heard the saying, “You’re either born a sales person, or you’re not”?

This is by no means true, however the majority of reps with this attitude have never received training, and new reps who may not have this “innate” ability are never given the right tools to actually succeed. When sales skills are applied, massive potential is unlocked.

Sales Skills

Methodologies to get in front of customers and provide solutions. Learn more


Create driven, excited teams that will best serve your clients. Learn more


Strategy to ensure your energy is invested in the right places and processes. Learn more


Gain a competitive advantage through business and account intelligence. Learn more

Good sales skills will give your team the tools they need to improve and succeed.

We equip sales teams with the skills to advocate, prospect, establish credibility and trust, discover, solution, support, object, present and influence/negotiate. Working through real-life examples and providing tools to apply after our program ensures these skills are learned, retained and that their value is reinforced.

Percentage of corporate sales teams that receive formal training
Percentage of the sales training industry that focus solely on skills
The RbD Difference

Success in sales isn’t a result of skills alone. It is the combination of skills, engagement, process and intelligence – the very foundation of our training.

Does your team...

Have the skills to

Establish credibility and earn the right to meet to discover customers’ business needs?

Have the skills to

Understand the customer’s business, priorities, processes, and what is important them?

Have the skills to

Discover and question using strong questions and listening skills rather than probing?

Have the skills to

Position a solution that would help them compete better or address the problem?

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