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Using business and account intelligence to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Relentless competition, discerning clients and a new generation of buyers - oh my!

Sales Skills

Methodologies to get in front of customers and provide solutions. Learn more


Create driven, excited teams that will best serve your clients. Learn more


Strategy to ensure your energy is invested in the right places and processes. Learn more


Gain a competitive advantage through business and account intelligence. Learn more

Too much information really is a thing - the right information, however, is key.

The amount of information available about your prospects and clients can be overwhelming. Through RBD’s approach on account strategy, planning, intelligence, business development, points of discovery and relationship strategy, we can help you decipher what information is important so you can stay relevant throughout the entire buying process.

Percentage of prospects that would answer a sales call if the rep knew about their industry
Percentage of organizations that provide effective tools and training to gain customer trust
The RBD Consultants Difference

Bringing value to your client ultimately means that you enable them to competitively compete in their marketplace. RBD Consultants helps your sales team discover what they need to about their prospects and accounts to win the opportunity.

Does your team…

Know and understand

what information they need to uncover insights about a customer’s business?

Know and understand

a prospect’s industry, priorities, and broken processes to identify potential opportunities?

Know and understand

what will earn them right to have an “executive conversation”?

Know and understand

if they are high, wide and deep enough to uncover net new opportunities?

Are you ready to grow and transform your sales results?

Learn how RBD Consultants can help.

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