Creating winning strategies that improve profitability, resource allocation and deal velocity.

There’s always a better way to do things – and we can show you how.

By deploying and leveraging the right sales processes and methodologies, organizations and teams are able to create a strategic approach to their business. This results in profitable revenue growth, better forecasting, improved win rates, increased deal velocity and intelligent resource allocation. Sounds like a win-win for everyone, doesn’t it?

Sales Skills

Methodologies to get in front of customers and provide solutions. Learn more


Create driven, excited teams that will best serve your clients. Learn more


Strategy to ensure your energy is invested in the right places and processes. Learn more


Gain a competitive advantage through business and account intelligence. Learn more

Good sales skills will give your team the tools they need to improve and succeed.

We provide frameworks and processes that teach your sales reps and leaders how to properly approach opportunity management. This ensures that your team is working on the right opportunities, at the right time, with the right people, in the right accounts to ensure you’re providing winning business value.

Percentage of reps that have an effective account planning framework
Increase in deal size when proper account planning is used
The RBD Difference

It’s hard to get anywhere when you don’t know the road nor the destination. That’s why RBD teaches proper processes to effectively account plan, and bring your team to the finish line.

Can your sales team...

Identify if

there is a competitive threat within the accounts they are working on?

Identify if

there is an existing political structure that can affect the success of the opportunity?

Identify if

they are aligned with the people who have the most influence, and want the solution?

Identify if

after all factors are taken into consideration, if the opportunity is worth pursuing?

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