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Purpose-driven selling is not just a modern-day fad. It’s here to stay and customers expect the organizations they buy from to not only deliver the products and services they need, but to do it in a way that benefits society.

What is purpose-driven selling?

It’s a sales approach that prioritizes the alignment of a company’s products or services with a larger social or environmental purpose.

Sales professionals for these businesses are expected to not only focus on meeting revenue targets but strive to create a positive impact and drive meaningful change. Since many of today’s buyers are looking to make a difference and potentially do some good by way of their purchasing decisions, the intention behind purpose-driven selling is two-fold.

First, it gives salespeople the ability to connect more deeply with socially and environmentally conscious customers. Demonstrating how the product or service helps the customer achieve their goals while addressing a shared social or environmental value will effectively enhance their engagement, trust, and loyalty.

“The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.”

– Richard Branson

Second, purpose-driven selling reflects the growing emphasis on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. It acknowledges that businesses have both an important role to play in addressing global issues and a duty to contribute more positively to society. By aligning sales efforts with a larger purpose, companies have an opportunity to:

  • Differentiate products and services from the competition
  • Position the company’s offerings more favorably in the eyes of prospective buyers
  • Drive growth and customer retention

“To be truly successful, companies need to have a corporate mission that is bigger than making a profit.”

– Marc Benioff, Salesforce

To engage in purpose-driven selling, sales professionals need to understand the needs, values, and motivations of their target customers. They should be knowledgeable about how their product or service specifically addresses a social or environmental challenge and be able to communicate this effectively. Additionally, they should authentically convey their company’s commitment to the chosen purpose to build trust and credibility with customers.

Overall, purpose-driven selling focuses on more than just closing deals. It seeks to create a positive impact through sales, fostering long-term relationships, and contributing to a better world.

7 Sales Tips on How to Get More


1. Build your personal brand and communicate what you stand for

2. Monitor industry trends and work to become a subject matter expert in your field

3. Align yourself with likeminded partners at industry trade shows and events

4. Promptly follow up with sales leads

5. Consistently deliver superior customer service

6. Volunteer and get involved in your community

7. Use social media and online tools (eg. website) to promote the value you offer and the difference you make

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