Accelerating Success

Primed with a thorough understanding of clients’ needs, issues and overall business strategy, RbD learning solutions are custom designed, developed, implemented and sustained.

RbD facilitates learning, whether face-to-face classroom, infield or virtual presence, challenging people to learn and motivating them “to do” and “to be” their best.

The RbD approach includes:
  • Alignment and commitment of senior leadership support
  • Sharing of ‘tribal knowledge’
  • Motivation and inspiration of sales team engagement for results
  • Learning integrated with corporate strategic direction
  • In-class collaborative team learning
  • Working with live client accounts and opportunities
  • Real-time application and transfer of newly acquired skills and knowledge
  • Virtual learning and reinforcement
  • Methodology and tools for self-coaching
  • Coaching skill development
  • Coaching reinforcement and support during account and opportunity reviews
  • Deployment of sales process automation tools
  • Adoption strategies for effective integration of learning, processes and tools
  • Establishment and tracking of success metrics
  • Sustainment and long-term strategic planning


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